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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Stay single and keep your own respective residences. No mingling of finances - just dates and vacations together. Sounds perfect to me!

Hey don't forget I got royally screwed by my ex. I'm now old and have no retirement funds. It's not just men who lose out financially when a marriage ends. Don't forget that. I'm fortunate in that I am intelligent and am employed. Many women my age aren't so fortunate and cannot support themselves after being homemakers their entire marriages. 40 years ago it was quite normal. It is still acceptable and I applaud anyone who does it. I hope they have contingency plans in place for when their marriage ends though. I certainly didn't think my marriage would end after 30 years and spouse absconds with money. Who does at that stage? That is why I think there should be a mandatory sort of thing one pays into (lets call it MI - marriage insurance). If/when marriage ends a portion of that money is paid for legals/court services). Lawyers would have a hey-day with that one for sure.

Nah, I wouldn't want lawyers anywhere close to any sort of marriage insurance. You could be sure they would make 5 or 6 useless phone calls and 3 or 4 letters a week just to take as much of that insurance money as they possible can.

I thought you royally screwed over your ex with spousal support? and that he is not able to end it? Isn't he the rat in the wheel in a sense ?
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