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Women and children are still often considered to be vulnerable in our society. This will change when women are in work-force at the same percentage as men. You can argue this any way you want to. Don't get mad at the system - get mad at your "bros" who happily go along with their partners not working and staying home to raise the children. People naively do this when kids are young because they want to save money on daycare. THAT is the problem IMO. If you want women to stay home to raise children you should play them a wage, fully taxable, where they pay CPP and EI. Then when the marriage ends they can fall back on their EI or CPP. It certainly would make women AND men more accountable and we would probably see more people planning for their retirement at a very young age.

I think it's about evening the playing field. You want a woman/slave to stay home and have your kids and keep your house then you're going to pay for it sooner or later. A smart guy would plan for marriage failing right from the start.
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