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Your words: ..."The father is then bullied and taken advtange of , not having a lawyer although financially eligible, due to our lame sorry-ass ill-funded legal aid system, and is forced to sign something under duress and when the lame sorry-ass duty counsel refuses to give him legal advice because she was overloaded by our lame sorry-ass fludded and back-logged court system and didn't have time to discuss with him....'

Legal Aid websites (Canada-wide) clearly set out their qualifying income for various levels of coverage of legal aid certificates.

Is Legal Aid underfunded and understaffed?

It is generally accepted that before people go to court they should have some basic idea of the process they are about to get involved with. An exception to this might be if the litigant had a mental deficiency or was below basic intelligence level as there is ample information online available to anyone. There are family law information clinics where people can obtain information from lawyers for free. Sure you have to probably wait a while but 'beggars can't be choosers' can they?

Ultimately, in family court, you are 100% responsible for your own misery. You can educate yourself or not. Options are readily available for those motivated.
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