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Originally Posted by mcdreamy View Post

Trinton – and what would we do with those lame sorry-ass parents who willingly don’t seek 50-50 on dissolution of a parental relationship, and then return a few years later at their own convenience, that wish to then seek to parent? Do their rights supercede those of the child at that time? I wouldn't think so.
I wouldn't call them lame sorry-ass parents without knowing their story. Because a lot of the times, the mother is given everything, including a lawyer from the victim of domestic violence hotline and the father is given nothing and to make things worst, has his access cut off by the lame sorry-ass mother.

The father is then bullied and taken advtange of , not having a lawyer although financially eligible, due to our lame sorry-ass ill-funded legal aid system, and is forced to sign something under duress when the lame sorry-ass duty counsel refuses to give him legal advice because she was overloaded by our lame sorry-ass fludded and back-logged court system and didn't have time to discuss with him.

The father then is given time to see his child, but after he reviews it with a lawyer, realizes how badly he was screwed over and the sole custody one sided order end's up right back in court. The father can't even enjoy holidays or get information from 3rd parties.

Your rationale is that the lawyer wasn't sleeping on the job but rather the father didn't know what he was going. Let me ask you this, when you go to the hospital for treatment, do you know what you're doing or do you trust your doctor to take good care of you and give you the best treatment possible so you don't end up back on the hospital bed the next day?

The judges are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the order is fair to the parties and that the order is in the best interests of the child. When a father appears without a lawyer, he is generally uneducated and royally screwed over. He is at disadvantage, especially when he is given no legal advice by duty counsel.

So to call the parents lame and sorry ass because they were prejudiced against by our lame and sorry ass legal system, is taking a bit far. Our lame and sorry iss ill funded legal aid system should either fund both parents when they are both eligible or not take sides at all. And when the loving fathers go to courts, the court should immediately restore their access 50/50 and tell them that's what the presumption is, not that you have no access and the presumption is that you are guilty until proven innocent, so give us custody and child support or you're a deadbeat.

I take it you have had difficulties and unpleasant experience with our our court system yourself, and there must be a very good reason why you are still posting here today reading these articles.

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