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I’m not sure how the best interests of a child are served by jailing either parent for withholding access (I’ve seen both, withholding). Such an inflammatory title to the article, and then it goes on to be fairly non-gender specific.

In any event, it appears the article posted by the OP is from 2012, and from the UK. [One can always be hopeful posters read links, but I suppose it’s that whole horse, water thing… ].. It appears from later UK news in 2013, the bid referred to in this article failed, as it should have.

We should also discuss jail time for non-payment of child support- I’ve never figured that nonsense out. How can that in the best interests of the child? Here - In Ontario - we need to have this discussion.

Back on the OP's article/topic - I don’t believe the UK (under their 1989-2004 Childrens Act) has the authority to take driver licences for non-payment of cs, nor have their fathers rights groups been successful in the presumption of shared custody – and for some reason, I think that unmarried fathers really, really, get dinged in the UK, with little or no access rights (I have a couple of peeps in N-IRL, and every once in a while this topic comes up in our chit-chat). The UK has some huge strides to make, to get it real into 2017.

Trinton – and what would we do with those lame sorry-ass parents who willingly don’t seek 50-50 on dissolution of a parental relationship, and then return a few years later at their own convenience, that wish to then seek to parent? Do their rights supercede those of the child at that time? I wouldn't think so.
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