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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

We don't know what she filed for divorce for.

If she wanted to civilly divorce him splitting everything 50/50 then I would take her side, but if she wanted to take everything from him, including custody of his children, and cash for life, then his actions as a result of frustrations are justified and rather very normal and common these days. People's brains apparently stop working when they are faced with our legal system. He probably heard horror storries from other fathers and men who went through our legal system and thought that he make some noise.

Reminds me of this guy that went to the courthouse with a Chainsaw after being served with court papers: Chainsaw-wielding man at family court sentenced to 6 months in jail - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News

Our family court process stinks. It is emotionally and financially draining. It is abusive to Canadian citizens both emotionally and financially. It is worst than air pollution.

It needs to be reformed. Rather sooner than later. Otherwise, we will see more and more of the killing, unless we see more and more of the women jailing when they use their gender and the court system to cut off and deny access. Sorry ladies, you don't get to do that just because you are a mother. The word mother has lost it's reputation. Mother's are supposed to want what is truly best for their kids, not what is truly best for themselves.

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