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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
I still hold our family courts and the government accountable, this is a system they created, that a child can, has, and continues to be stripped from a parent. Our legal system doesn't view both parents as "parents" rather one as parent and one as visitor. If the presumption was 50-50 (in concrete and in black and white) , with no excuses for any lame sorry ass loser to argue otherwise, then we wouldn't even have any of these problems. It is so bad that a doctor, yes a doctor, recently killed his wife after being made aware that he was going to have to deal with the court system.

Toronto doctor?s killing shocks medical community - The Globe and Mail

Family law kills and destroys. Canadian ignorance doesn't help anything.

So the father killed his wife because he had to do what everyone else has to do (go through family law process upon divorce)?

Sick. Hope he rots in jail forever. (I could care less what his occupation used to be).

One wonders how many other women in Canada live with a monster, too afraid to file for divorce....
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