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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

I still hold our family courts and the government accountable, this is a system they created, that a child can, has, and continues to be stripped from a parent. Our legal system doesn't view both parents as "parents" rather one as parent and one as visitor. If the presumption was 50-50 (in concrete and in black and white) , with no excuses for any lame sorry ass loser to argue otherwise, then we wouldn't even have any of these problems. It is so bad that a Canadian doctor (neurosurgeon), yes a Canadian doctor, recently killed his wife after being made aware that he was going to have to deal with the court system.

Toronto doctor?s killing shocks medical community - The Globe and Mail

Another Canadian doctor got fed up with our legal system and abducted his children to Iran.

The interview is awesome:

We have doctors breaking the law, because of family law.What better do we expect from non-doctor citizens?

Legal aid isn't helping anything, matter of fact, the chaos I am in is due to Legal Aid Ontario's bias, prejudice, and ignorance towards me as a father.

The latest downfall from Legal Aid Ontario

The Ontario Debt is the icing on the cake for our sorry ass government:

Family law kills parents and/or children and destroys children in Canada. Canadian ignorance doesn't help anything. Do gun's kill people, or do people kill people, or does our family legal system kill people? Why do people get this way when they learn that they have to deal with the Canadian family legal system?

Thank you for your post BlinkandImGone, and I encourage all father's, wife's of father's, family of father's grandparents, to continue to fight and fight and exercise your constitutional rights and your freedom of speech and opinion. Stand up to the system and don't let them bully you. Yell at our judges right back. Raise your voice at our judges right back. (Given that we have some very rude ridiculous judges in Canada) If they don't give you what you want, don't give them what they want. Make their lives as miserable as they have made yours and we will continue to see the bias being eliminated. If they continue to be biased against fathers and ordering them to only be able to see their children "every" "other" "weekend" then they are digging their own graves and bringing the administration of the justice to question.

I am well aware of the family law crisis in Canada.

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