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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
What are you scared to death of?
He gets to see the kids 20% more and you lose money?
Why not just give him 50/50 and be done with it?

As I stated, there is a lot more to it. He has been manipulating the kids to think less of me (attempting to by again making up stories). He cheated on me and every girlfriend since me which isn't a big deal except my kids have witnessed things like one girlfriend over one night and another the next night. He has a live-in girlfriend right now but I don't believe him to be a moral person at all. He never showed up to anything when they were younger if it conflicted with his own dating or sports schedule. Now he wants them when he is due to pay more? It just doesn't seem right to me, the person who has been trying to do right by them for this long. The biggest deal to me is that he needs to resort to fabricating all these lies about me and creating things that didn't happen in an effort to make me appear a bad person. I have a hard time just saying here have your kids 50/50 after what he's been doing to me.

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