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Default Ex fabricates events in emails to use in court

I am new to this site and looking for some advice on my situation. My ex agreed 8 years ago to give me 70-30 custody of our two kids. We divorced officially 4 years ago and signed a deal that was pretty good child support wise for him and kept the 70-30 custody arrangement. The support payment agreement expired in march of last year but he did not make the required increase. I then received a proposed new agreement from his lawyer suggesting he get 50-50, not pay for daycare anymore, pay about 1000$ less a month etc. I feel this is all fuelled by his desire to save money rather than actuallly see his kids more. I emphatically said "NO" to this proposal and am now facing court (not officially but the lawyers have been communicating). My huge concern is that he is now fabricating events and writing them down in emails to me because he doesn't have anything against me and is a desperate man. I never held the kids from him. I follow the agreement. He is a shift worker and hasn't had any material change in circumstance. Not sure he has much to go on but scared to death he may win. He has been writing down all these false events and accusations and sending them to me because I think he believes it will be a he-said-she-said and maybe he could manipulate a judge into believing them. My question to those who have been through this: how much weight will a judge put on these he-said-she-said examples? What should I do to prepare against this? Is it harassment to be sent emails that defame me and falsify events? There is obviously so much more to this but any quick thoughts are appreciated.

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