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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
The bright side:

Any parent with ever-other-weekend BS can now have their parents join as a party to seek additional access. The EOW parent then can use this access time to increase their access.

For EOW parents that used to have their children stay with grandparents for overnight visits can possibly leverage this additional time to increase their access to the children. In fact, they may be able to leverage this additional access time that they spend with the children to grow access.

The downside is that this will only add to the legal complexity of family law matters and make access schedules even more crazy to manage for parents.

Why I think this whole grandparent "stuff" is nonsense. Until such time the Federal Government explicitly states that custody and access is joint unless a compelling reason of Violence and Abuse is proven beyond all reasonable doubt by any party this grandparent access was a waste of resources.

Mostly it covers the edge case of when a parent dies or when a parent has no access to a child to facilitate access with their own parents.

Also parents today already have enough financial strain with child care costing 1,200-1,600 a month in some provinces. A 50,000 legal bill doesn't help the situation at all... The retired generation owns the majority of the wealth currently in Canada. We all know that those who have more money often have more access to legal resources. Rich grandparents can and will make life hell for the next generation. Great job government!
Totally agree!
If this situation arises, it is usually in an already stressful situation. Wish I could decide what kind of influence is in my child's life and decide how much or what kind of access happens with my kids grandparent, especially a controlling psychopath who wants to prove a point that they can get what they want and have nothing better to do. I could go on an all out rant here, but I will just leave it at that.
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