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I am a grandparent. I get very emotional reading the threads about my rights. I read the linked cases, and I understand how some posters feel about this change. I feel like some of those grandparents weren't deserving. (The words I'm trying to say will likely come to me after I hit the post reply button).

The linked article quotes...

"The passage of Bill 34 gives grandparents in Ontario the opportunity to ask for access in court in situations where there was an existing relationship, ask for custody in such cases where both parents have passed away, or ask for custody in cases with parents who are totally incapable of taking care of the children."

I don't see anything wrong with a grandparent seeking access or custody in the situations bolded above.

My husband and I have had my 2 year old granddaughter every weekend since she was 6 weeks old. If anything happened to my son, I would want that to continue. If anything happened to my son and his girlfriend, we would expect to take custody of her. If they were truly bad parents, we would expect to take custody of her.

Am I wrong to feel that way?

We have other grandchildren, and she has siblings, but I will use her as an example because she's the one we spend so much time with.
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