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Nice post Arabian I was just thinking about how my divorce was changing traditions. This is my 2nd Christmas alone, or rather... setting different traditions.

I've got my girls for Xmas eve and morning as last year... and we are doing the "family tradition" (just us.. a buffet meal in front of the fireplace, then watching Christmas movies) and opening gifts Christmas morning. In some ways its better... I always embraced and loved the holidays, my Ex always seemed indifferent at best. It seemed more like "lets get this thing over with" rather than having a happy time.

So on Christmas day they go to their mom's late morning.... . As much as I love turkey and all the fixings, the bulk of that work on Christmas day was on my plate as I was the family "chef". Its nice to have a quiet, reflective day.

And... who knows? Time changes things (as we all well know being on this forum) kids grow up and start their own familys, I meet someone with a huge extended family? Future years could be totally different. Its about embracing who you are, what you have and where you are in Life.

Happy Holidays!
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