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This is why I don't support grandparent access:

New law gives grandparents legal recourse

The couple has a six-year-old granddaughter whom, at one point, they did have custody of for a short time, and a two-year-old grandson, whom they have never seen. Their fight for access has taken its toll and their story is one filled with strong emotion and angst.
The couple has spent more than $100,000 in legal fees and now say they have backed off because of what the back and forth and court battle has been doing to their granddaughter.
Read this article and the sob story these grandparents give about the whole issue. Look real long and hard at their picture.

Then read the ACTUAL case law.

Fay Brugger et al v. Jessica Casmey et al, 2013 ONSC 932 (CanLII)
Date: 2013-02-11
Docket: FS-13-0015-00
Citation: Fay Brugger et al v. Jessica Casmey et al, 2013 ONSC 932 (CanLII)

[3] On January 18, 2013, Fay and Paul commenced an application for custody and or access for Hanna. On that date they also attended before Wright J. in Thunder Bay with an ex parte motion for interim custody, alleging among other things, that Jessica had attempted to commit suicide the day before. On January 18, 2013 Wright J. made an interim interim custody order in favour of Fay and Paul effective to January 24, 2013, and further adjourned the case until that date. Shortly thereafter, on the afternoon of January 18, 2013, Jessica appeared before Herald J. in Thunder Bay with an ex parte motion to set aside Wright J.’s order and return Hanna to her. Justice Herald refused this request and adjourned Jessica’s motion to January 24, 2013 as well. Jessica then retained counsel and brought a further motion returnable January 24, 2013 for Hanna’s return.
So we have grandparents who used a false emergency ex-party order to get the "temporary" custody and are boasting about this conduct in the public media?! Great grandparenting!

The reality of the situation:

[6]** * ** * At the time of her birth Jessica, (date of birth December 7, 1992) was 18 years old and James (date of birth October 24, 1979) was 31 years of age.
Their son was 13 years older than the mother. Great job parenting their son!

[7]** * ** * Prior to the birth, Fay had contacted the Children’s Aid Society with concerns about the unstable situation the baby was being born into, and the Children’s Aid Society had written to Jessica offering their services.
Grandma really likes to call the CAS to gain control... Despite her own son being involved in the matter.

Oh but, the reality is...

[10]** * *In early August 2011, Jessica came to the Children’s Aid Society in a very upset condition indicating she was in a very controlling relationship and needed help. She was referred to the Faye Peterson Transition House.
The son is a jack ass and and an abuser.

Oh and the CAS agreed:

[11]** * *At this time the Children’s Aid Society indicated that it was not concerned about Jessica’s parenting, but was concerned about the risk apparent due to James’ conduct.
Their son sounds like he was raised really well! Great parenting by these grandparents!

[17]** * *It seems that on January 17, 2013, when Jessica was feeling very depressed, in no small part due to a verbal tirade against her by James and a fear that she might lose Hanna, that she took Hanna over to her brother Darren’s home for him to babysit her.
And these "grandparents" will use any means to get what they want. Clearly their son learned his behaviour from someone... They just have the financial means to stock someone and not get into real trouble for doing it.

I was unimpressed by the Bruggers hiring a private detective to follow Jessica and try to make much of a few minor incidents. In any event, many of the issues involved in the affidavits of the parties, while they may have been of interest in determine credibility, were not helpful to myself, nor it seems to my fellow judges, in coming to a decision.
Never give up! Never surrender! They were on a Galaxy Quest to disrupt this parent's life!

This is the cake topper of this disaster:

The parties were never married, and never lived in any kind of stable relationship. On top of this already difficult situation, Fay who is James’ mother and the person who must know him best states in her affidavit that Jessica and James have had a “volatile relationship”, that James had a history of violence, and that he had admitted to her that he dealt in drugs,
Great parenting by the grandparents of their son! They should be PROUD of what they accomplished. They have a son who has a history of violence and drug dealing. Now they want to be grandparents? Maybe they should parent their child first and resolve their child's problems.


Good Luck!
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