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Default Suicidal thoughts?

Tis the season when many people feel overwhelmed and desperate. You lost a recent child custody battle... you can't see your kids over the just found out your ex has been unfaithful to you... your finances are totally out-of-control and you don't know what to do next.

No matter what your reasons are for feeling that life is not worth living I ask that you please take some time to consider some options.

1) Ensure that your children are safe. If you feel that you are going to harm yourself please make sure that your children are staying with a friend. NO child should witness self-harm. If that isn't possible then call 911.

2) If your children are not with you right now then do not try to contact them. You need to deal with your problems and not involve your children. You should call 911.

3) No problem is insurmountable. You just need help. You can call 911.

Below is a list of places in your area that you can call and receive help:

Canadian Crisis Centres - The LifeLine Canada Foundation

I pray that you do the right thing.
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