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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
The law itself is not the problem. The select number of uneducated, and biased humans that run the system are the problem.

CS law's will not change, and if they change, they will only increase.

Majority of women will continue to seek sole custody in order to maximize their CS profit margins, as well as the added child tax benefits.

These women will continue to accuse men of seeking to decrease their child support when they seek to maximize their time with their children.

By the way, our law states that it is generally in the best interests of children to have maximum contact with both parents. When the parents share the time close to equal (40%) then both parents are entitled to child support from one another. But this is not the LAW in the eyes of the courts.. it is supposed to be the LAW but our judges don't consider it to be LAW. They choose when they will order CS against mom and they chose when they won't. 99.9% of the time, when CS is being sought against a dad, they will order CS against dad. Even if he can't afford it. There was a case in BC where a father was ordered to be pay CS almost double his paycheques and he was forced to commit suicide. The judge said the child support order was in accordance to our laws. So much for ensuring the best interests of children. The judge made an order against my dad that caused him to give up in life and commit suicide. That judge is a criminal in my eyes. CS control should be implemented to protect father's, the same way we have gun control to protect citizens.

But, I know BC had some recent changes to modernize their laws. Canadian family law in Ontario is antique and rusty. They keep putting on band-aids but it is starting to rot. It came to be when women stayed at home and men worked. It was presumed that men had to continue to support their kids and former spouse as they continued to work. In today's society, both men and women work. Women will often work more than men. But the practice of law has not quite caught up to society. Shared custody is being ordered more and more but generally when the parents agree or when the mother is alienating the father by screwing around with their access time. Otherwise, they will order the every-other weekend screwjob to dad access. Because women deserve more time with their kids than men. Not all judges will manipulate the facts with this mentality in mind.

If you are not aware, there is a family law crisis in Canada. our family legal system is a mess. FRO, OCL, CAS, you name it. They're all backlogged and are a mess.

The Canadian Charter of Rights is next to non existence when it comes to the practice of Family Law, from what I have observed. Our family court judges are quick to overwrite these laws. Not all of them. There are very many select few good judges out there.

The current family legal system, as it sits (it literally sits on square wheels), is a multi-billion dollar industry and at times, destroys children for profit. It's a business in disguise.

But the pendulum IS starting to swing back. Keep fighting for your rights tooth and nail and with every dime and nickel to your name. Don't let the system take away from you what is not right. Stand up to your rights, and to your child's rights. Fight it down to a trial and fight it in an appeal. The pressure is not on father's anymore, the pressure is on the system.
lol, I'm female and my ex-husband sued me for sole custody. I was forced to fight in court and spend a lot of money on nonsense to defend my parental rights to my youngest child. This isn't a gender specific issue.

And just this month, my ex-husband who makes over 6 figures (USD) a year is now requesting spousal support from me 4 years post divorce because I've gotten a couple of promotions and am now making significantly more than he is and my new husband is well off.

Granted, its a lawyer literally laughed when she got the paperwork but again, I'm forced to take time off of work and pay money for stupid legal nonsense. What's really going on is that he's ticked because our youngest child has informed him that she's moving with us to attend University out of the country in the he's trying to find a way to get back at me.

If your argument is that both women and men adults should be financially responsible for themselves. I thoroughly agree and I would support any legislation to support ending spousal support (except in extreme cases where a spouse is physically unable to support themselves). But the issue in Canadian courts isn't women...its vexatious litigants and the fact that there's no real penalty for lying, filing false affidavits, taking court time for nonsense motions, etc. And people that do that stuff come in both genders.

I absolutely sympathize with any man or woman who's paying SS to a lazy ex-spouse who won't get off their butts and work because its easier to leech off their ex but the idea that all women are trying to sue for sole custody is just nonsense and simply not true.

And by the way, the court system doesn't just grant sole custody based on gender...that's just have to prove that the other parent is unfit.
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