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What's even more horrible is that there is good chance this tragedy was predictable. Domestic homicides are one of the most predictable crimes. There have been death review committees who have gone over these types of cases in the past to find commonalities and make recommendations. Their research is behind the making of the domestic lethality risk scale which consists of 30 factors which increase the risk of this type of murder happening. Some of the factors I can remember are:
1 impending or actual separation
2. Acrimonious custody dispute
3 history of violent behaviour
4. Stepchild in the home
5. Alcohol or substance abuse
6. History assault with a weapon
7. Hx death threats
8 unemployment/ financial problems
9. History of assault including choking
10 access to guns
11 hx forcible confinement
12 hx mental health issues
13 anger issues
14 hx that spouse felt their life was in danger
15 criminal record

I can't remember the rest. people ( including children) had been murdeted scored as low as 4 or 5 on this scale. This scale could be used to help identify high risk situations by family court and HELP prevent tragedies but instead family court does not make evidence based decipns but prefers to escalate matters to lethal proportions.
I bet you this couple had at least 5 risk factors at work in this case.
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