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Originally Posted by blinkandimgone View Post
I think it's a good idea for kids and new spouses to have a term for their relationship
Kinda like how I need a term for the relationship between my friends and my children.

It has been tricky, but I've been able to come up with a term that works. When my kids want to refer to my best friend, it goes something like this:

"This is my father's friend"

Accurate and complete.

introducing or describing them as mom or dad's spouse defines the parent's relationship with that person, not the child's.
That is the relationship that they have. Are we considering the wannabe's income for CS and S7 purposes? If not, then this person is a nobody when it comes to the kids.

It means a lot both to and for some stepkids and step-parents to be able to say "this is MY...."

The PFP can say "this is my partner's child"
The kid can say "this is my parent's partner"

You can make it gender specific or marital status specific if that floats your boat. eg. "This is my wife's child" "This is my mother's boyfriend"
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