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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
And a "psychotic break" is extremely unlikely. For someone to have a mental illness so severe that he was not aware that he was killing his children while the in act of killing them, there would almost certainly have been signs and indications that he was in trouble, leading up to this (especially at his age). People don't just suddenly flip out and do these things, despite what movies and TV shows purport to show us about psychosis.
It's not uncommon that in a murder-suicide situation, the intent for suicide comes first. The person is so depressed or traumatized that they feel the only exit is death. But they can't bear to put their children through the trauma of losing a parent, so they murder the children first and consider it a kindness.

Sometimes the main intention is to murder the ex, and then they feel they must murder the children to spare them the loss of a parent, and the suicide follows because they can't bear to live without their kids.

Then there are also people who hate their ex more than they love their kids, and murder the kids as punishment of their ex. Then they commit suicide because they can't face life without their kids.

But the overriding theme is that whatever this man was going through, he felt killing the kids to be a kindness to them.
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