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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Off the top of my head?

Psychotic break, stemming from the unjustified loss of the children during a custody dispute.

Not evil.
Not cowardly.

If we're going to speculate, then we can speculate!
Sure. But why is this the point of departure for speculation? Do you have any reason at all to think that he lost custody of his children "unjustifiedly"?

And a "psychotic break" is extremely unlikely. For someone to have a mental illness so severe that he was not aware that he was killing his children while the in act of killing them, there would almost certainly have been signs and indications that he was in trouble, leading up to this (especially at his age). People don't just suddenly flip out and do these things, despite what movies and TV shows purport to show us about psychosis.

Originally Posted by Janus View Post
I need to invent an acronym to describe these people who have sex with parents and somehow think they are now related to the children.

GFM = guy fucking the mom
GFD = girl fucking the dad

Maybe MFM and WFD would be better? Or just a generic PFM and PFD?

I'm going to make these terms happen. They are so fetch.
In this case, the stepfather had been in the boys' lives for nine years. I'm guessing he was doing a lot more than "fucking the mom". He must be devastated too.
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