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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
And the non-evil, non-cowardly, reasons for murdering your children are ...?
Off the top of my head?

Psychotic break, stemming from the unjustified loss of the children during a custody dispute.

Not evil.
Not cowardly.

If we're going to speculate, then we can speculate! Maybe dad is a coward, maybe the guy having sex with the mother is an asshole, maybe the guy having sex with the mother is an angel, maybe the mother is evil and lied in court and drove dad crazy. Maybe the dad is evil and wanted to punish the mother. Maybe the dad was bankrupt, had lost his kids, and his world view had constricted to the point where all hope was lost and he wanted to save his children from living in the dismal reality that he perceived was the pervasive state of existence.

As Arabian said, we don't know. A good place to start might be to find out about the custodial situation. I'm not sure why that is wrong.

I need to invent an acronym to describe these people who have sex with parents and somehow think they are now related to the children.

GFM = guy fucking the mom
GFD = girl fucking the dad

Maybe MFM and WFD would be better? Or just a generic PFM and PFD?

I'm going to make these terms happen. They are so fetch.
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