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Default Greetings All - Great site, almost at trial

Hello All,

I have been lurking over the past couple days, and found lots of helpful advice, mainly on how to accept and deal with my separation.

I'm a father of two; boy (11) and girl (10), currently I enjoy at week about visitation with joint custody as per a Minutes of Settlement (signed a year ago) but 50/50 was established two years ago.

I haven't been enjoying the last year of court battles as my ex is trying to get full custody. I make approx. 55k a year and she is on ODSP with no intention of working. This resulted in a support motion where I was ordered to pay 75% of my net pay via FRO for three months, along with her lawyers (legal aid) court costs. After those three months it drops to approx. 50% of net pay where most of the payment is spousal and gets clawed back dollar for dollar from her ODSP payment.

I joined as I am lost in the sea of turmoil. I am trying to be positive but I can understand why some fathers abandon the fight especially when up against Family Law courts and FRO. I really enjoyed the 'realistic' advice I have seen. There are many questions that I have, both life questions as well as legal.

At the moment, I am going to my second case settlement, (tomorrow) and then on to trial. I am the respondent and not applicant and she chooses not to mediate. I am not sure if I will continue to fight onto the trial, and not settle and try to get as much visitation as possible. Both my kids have expressed to OCL, and ourselves that they want things to stay the way they are. Only the mother disagrees.
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