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Default Got through the Case Conference

Coles notes version:

Judge didn't care about my speech.
Judge did however say, "since the matter is close to be settled, if you come back with an agreement this afternoon, I will grant you a verbal divorce."

That motivated me to work toward an agreement(agreement in the form of a consent order). So I did. We came up with an agreement that will be very and I don't like but none the less can live with especially because now I was going to be divorced. However, it was almost five o clock and the court clerk came out and told the ex's lawyer that they had to hurry to get this done this afternoon. In my discussion with the ex's lawyer, she wanted me to pay section 7 in advance to minimize contact with the ex( which I am good with). I disagreed with the amount, we then agreed on a just over half of what she was asking. She wrote up the agreement (minutes of settlement for a consent order) and as she was handing it to me she said "you have to hurry because the judge is leaving" The court clerk confirmed this information. So I asked the lawyer if there was anything she added or omitted from our conversations. She mentioned one thing she added but did not mention what she omitted. Then told me to read it.

I read it very quickly. Rushed into court, Missed what she omitted, signed it and waited for the judge to come out.

What is missing is an articulation that XXX dollars is for future section 7 expenses.

So it reads as an example:

200 for child support
300 for arrears
Child support to change to 250 after arrears are paid.
The total monthly payment being 250

what I wanted it to read was

200 for child support
300 for arrears
50 for future section 7 expenses after arrears are paid
The total being 250 but just broken out as mentioned.

What she omitted the articulation of future section 7 expenses.

The lawyer sent me the draft to sign. along with an amendment to the original separation agreement.

Clerk walks into the court room and says, judge is reviewing the consent order and signing it, and not coming back into the court room.

I was shocked and said what about the "verbal divorce" and the ex's lawyer just awkwardly shrugged it off and said "ya I don't know what that was about" and left.

My questions are:

Am I just out of luck because I believed the judge about the divorce.
Am I just out of luck regarding the draft order to sign. Do I have enough to file a 25E disputing the draft order in form and content because some content was left out of the original minutes...

What happens if I sign the draft consent order and not the amendment to the original separation agreement?

Can I submit a divorce order with the consent order at the same time for the judge to sign since he said he would grant the divorce? If so is there a motion I need to add to this....

I pretty confused. and I know this is a lot...

Thanks to anyone who might know something and share it.
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