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Originally Posted by Daddyof2 View Post
Am I a bad dad? Because I feel like a horrible and selfish one.
You're not a bad dad at all, though I do question why you didn't block her from moving the kids away from you. Your current situation is a direct result of you letting that happen, and a common peril of letting the children move. Unfortunately, that mistake is in the past and would be very hard to correct now.

But you are co-parenting with a bad mom. A good mom would support her children's relationship with their father, and not manipulate them the way she is doing.

All you can do is tell them that time spent being with their father is more important than hockey, and make their weekends with you good times together. If your kid loves hockey, take him to whatever there is in your area on your time. Hockey is everywhere. Which means his mom could have found something alternative for him to do that didn't fall on your time.

Don't let her manipulation work on YOU, and do your best to counteract what she's doing to them.
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