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Unless your sons are heading to a early NHL signing be realistic. It's supposed to be fun. So if they do not go on your weekend it should not be a big deal. Many kids miss a game.

As long as when they are with you you are 100% focused on them and doing good stuff with them you are doing good.

Put your ex on ignore. State very clearly that she has signed up the boys formhockey without considering how it affects your limited time with your boys and you will try to get them there, but if not it's because you are spending quality time with them.

She is trying to manipulate you. Do not let her take the boys to,hockey on your time. Next she will want to keep them overnight because they are tired from hockey.

Wake up and get involved with your boys. Play street hockey on your weekends, do "Dad" stuff.

You only get one shot at being a Dad so get totally involved and committed to it.

It's not about money, it's about time. Also suggest you call the boys during the week to keep on contact.
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