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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
Play the long game.... 5 months is nothing in a lifetime. I know its hard but they are trying to break you. Super standard practice....
The schedule right now doesn't work. With the travel on my every Thursday parental time of 3h only really gives me less than 2h. It doesn't give enough time to do anything and the kids must rush to eat their dinner. S16 hate it so much that he started skipping the visits to go to his friends' place instead. I suggested to drop that Thursday nights and add it to the Friday night during my Temporary EOW access I have right now and STBX just refused. Since the kids doesn't like it, it would be in their best interest to change it so that they won't have to rush anymore. Also, we've been following that schedule since last March so D9 should now be allowed for overnights at my place. I could have wait until Trial but since it was postponed from January to May, I don't want to give the impression that I accepted this shitty schedule.

Is the house owned free and clear?

How did she get in her name (she would need to qualify for the mortgage)?
I told my lawyer for the past year that no matter what, if the house is transferred, sold or else... I need my equity and must make sure I get it before I am released from the mortgage. She screwed up. The MH was transferred to STBX as she only qualified for the outstanding balance of the mortgage and my lawyer said that the equity is always negotiated during the equalization process. This is BS and I have provided her with enormous case law where the share of the equity was concluded way before trial. I must fight at trial to get some equity in exchange of my pension. Now that she got the house, she still want more, she is not open to negotiation and all my requests for access are being denied.

Why was the trial "adjourned" for 5 months....
There were too many cases that were being scheduled to trial in January. They kept the oldest one in January and all the cases that were just added to the list were postponed to the next list.
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