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Default The end is getting farther and endless

Now here it is.

Trial postponed from January 2017 to May 2017.

Title of MH was transferred in her name alone and the equity of the house will be argued at Trial vs my government pension. (basically, access to immediate asset vs future asset).

Already offered two settlement that were turned down. I requested same on their side but they just replied by email (not formal offers) and they are mostly demands... not offers. She refused to give more access and she won't accept my parenting plan. Now that she has the MH under her sole name, she won't negotiate as she got what she wanted.

Haven't seen D14 since last August. S16 has increased his access to include an overnight on Saturday to leave on Sunday night instead.

D9 has expressed her desire to stay much longer but doesn't really know. She is not sure and she is not confortable talking about it. It's obvious she is hiding information behind but I can tell she would like to let it out. We've been on that schedule now since last March (every Thursday from 4h to 7h pm and every second Saturday from 10h am to 8h pm). I've requested over three times to increase the access to add an overnight until the schedule is progressively reaching a 50/50 parenting time schedule. All request were refused. I've asked more access for the Holidays and they were also denied.

The CL recommended in front of Justice at SC that both D's follow a therapy of reunification with their father. Justice confirmed with my ex and her lawyer that they agreed to it. I took the step to have it going on but my ex suddenly decided to turn it down this week. She refused to sign in the registration stating their was no order from the Court. The therapist centre will be sending a letter to confirm they had to close the file because of her refusal.


Should I just keep on asking for more access and document everything until Trial in next May or should I request a Motion to increase the access progressively and to add the Holiday schedule and others such as March Break? Seems long to ask for more access for over the next 5 months when you know the answer ahead.


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