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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
She has to share her financial disclosure with you since she now has an obligation to financially support her child (child support).

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So the judge made an order and mailed to my ex(since she did not show in court) to complete and file with the registry of the court, and deliver to myself a sworn financial statement in form 4 of the provincial court (family) rules, including all attachments listed on page 2 of that form on or before oct-5-2016, also added as well was child support to be paid which he figured out based on minimum wage.

She has failed to produce the documents to me and I assume the courts as well. Even thought I reminded her and asked her for at least the last tax return so I can take it to court for her and have an order for child support made that reflects something it should.

I filed the order with fmep immediately and she was furious, but she is paying, albeit always late and way behind already. No idea why someone would not be willing to pay $181 a month for their kids, especially after not having to pay anything for past 3 years. The process with the fmep agency though was extremely smooth and fast!

So how do you get a simple full and proper financial information from someone that avoids court and orders etc...the day I was getting this order there was a case there where a guy had been delaying it 12 years for proper disclosure.

I am happy I am at least getting something, would the judge take my texts seriously this second motion about the child support, should I give it a few more months before going back? I will most likely assume lost wages to sit in court all day, so it has to be worth it! I would rather get her financial disclosure rather than use my texts.

In a child support order for family maintenance enforcement agencys, can I ask the judge to put some sort of wording in it so that the payor has to send the agency income tax info to update the payments as per her salary yearly, or does the agency just take an exact amount stated in an order only? I can not really find clear information on this, I asked my fmep manager but she says they can only take the amount stated on the court order, she wouldn't go into details, it is as if people are afraid to give legal info or advice to me almost everywhere i go lol.
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