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It's tough to provide adequate advice as it seems you're not quite sure what you want (at least in my view). What you should want is to haul ass back to town and agree to that 50/50 that she's telling you she wants. She said it herself ... she's tired and needs your help.

I'd personally go in to that CC with an "A" grade parenting plan, a plan for your transition back to the old neighborhood and how to handle a 50/50 relationship and leave the money alone. I wouldn't be signing anything money related until your financial situation is a bit better sorted out. The only thing I would sign are terms like I've described above (50/50, shared custody). Unless of course you don't want 50/50. It's rare I see a case where mom's practically begging for 50/50, saying she's tired and needs the othr parents help. Get all over that!!
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