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Originally Posted by keebler View Post
Thanks undersc0re,

Do you know who speaks first, I allotted 20 minutes for me and 20 minutes for respondent. Respondent booked the conference. Who speaks first... whats the protocol...

My fcc's were simple, an application for access order for a grandmother, directed to fcc at first court appearance,at first fcc it was an hour of mud slinging lies and trying to hash out some sort of interim order, 2nd time I had a speech I read out after she spoke, all my accusations and reasoning had evidence to back it up which I don't think she expected, that 2nd fcc meeting lasted 75 min, ultimately after the next court appearance I will end up going to a 1 day trial I am sure.
She spoke first and lied like crazy and I had nothing ready to explain or disprove those lies that I suspected she might tell, the judge turned to me with evil eyes and I knew I already lost that round....Neither of us had lawyers
The judge will try to get you 2 to probably consent on some important issues to address the important things for now, be ready with reasons and good examples of what you will agree on.
It will most likely be a mud slinging, trump vs hillary type of deal. It is pretty laid back, of course you still call him your honor and a clerk will be in there as well.

At the start of the first fcc the judge asked us both our names and if we seeked legal advice on the issues at hand...not sure if it helps to say no to the legal advice or not lol.

Maybe you could mention signing over the house under duress when your there, and how you want your share back, and it may help push her(scare)into consenting on something a little more in your favour. Take notes on what your sure she is to make a huge issue about in the near future so you can figure out a plan of attack.

I have little experience compared to most people here so take my input on your situation with a grain of salt...
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