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Default Thanks for taking this on late on a Sunday afternoon.

I have been preparing and spending the weekend trying to get things clear in my head.

Great advice about the spread sheet. I had cue cards, spread sheet is better though.

Yes we used the date of separation. There were no other periods that CS would apply.

When we separated, we kept the joint account, all my income went into it, I had access, she had access and we agreed that I would pay the mortgage and insurance at first totalling about 2000.00. Then the amount moved to 1800 after two months. Payments were never missed. I have a copy of a separation agreement I was trying to do that had numbers and scenarios on it that we passed back and forth and ultimately never agreed to in detail and that was never signed however it is documentation. That along with bank records (if I got them0 and emails could lead some one to reasonably come to those conclusions).

As far as financials are concerned, we didn't and don't have very much. I had a salary, she had a salary, we had the house that went to her, I had a pension that we got evaluated and she will have a part of. My salary is public knowledge along with the fact that I have emails advising on the status of finances increases and decreases. Because of this we both agreed that exchanging financials wasn't necessary and that we would use the base salary amounts. That is written into the agreement that we waived that both of us. She had her lawyer draft it up and I signed it without legal rep. (i know dumb) and even if I had legal rep I don't know that I would have changed it much because at the time my mindset was really all about creating stability for my kids.

Hindsight and all... It turns out I have come to believe that the entire agreement was actually unsustainable and it turned out to held together by a thread that snapped quite quickly.

As far a paying what I owe. I don't mind paying for the arrears both CS and Sect 7 even though there has been those situations. Ultimate its for my kids. One of the questions I am concerned about is how to pay.

I have offered to settle up through a pension carve out. She had declined.
I am not sure what other ways to go about paying back in addition to what may get ordered for CS from the 1400 in the sep agreement to possibly and likely 1800 until my oldest get an apprenticeship....

Typical when people don't have the cash on hand or an ability to borrow the funds, how are payments made, who decides what the amounts will be and when especially if the ex and I can't agree. I am saying I don't have much and she is saying I am behind and want it all paid now.

Thanks for you help so far.
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