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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Agreed but at the moment they are with her full time right? You arent 50/50 yet?
Remember, she changed the locks. I was forced out of the MH and lost access to my kids right from this instance. Since, she has denied all request for access. Why I am not at 50/50 yet? Because of the slowish court process. After two years with mom, with her influence, they might feel unsecured with me. I have to work to prove it wrong. S16 will change his mind eventually. D14 is completely alienated. As you were Rockscan against your own father. Too bad for her as there is little I can do to change that and any attempts would be hopeless. I will use what is happening with D14 to save my relationship with D8.

Being said, the spouse who lost access or decided to leave to improve a better lifestyle by avoiding conflicts, should not by excluded from his rights. To allow a spouse with full possession of the MH and no equity to the other creates a financial prejudice as he won't be able to get accommodation to have access with his children for a long period forward. Other points to consider are; the choices the spouse has made since the separation. If she decided to cut a bit on her business because she was starting to feel tired, this should be her decision and should not rely on the other spouse and on her own kids.
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