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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Maybe I missed something but Im having a hard time with this intense desire to sell the house. To me its beginning to feel more and more like you don't want your ex to have anything and less like you need money. Don't your kids live there? Your ex isn't able to get a mortgage or loan. Plus she has legal expenses too. Yes you're paying support but you're also pissed that your ex is living in a house you want equity from. She lives there with the kids. Are they supposed to sell and find something else and THEN deal with the financial fall out when it all settles?

You're angry she was given title and you aren't getting paid but your kids are probably terrified that they wont have a place to live.
I gave her plenty of time (2014 to 2016) to make the arrangement with the bank to get her loan and buy my interest. This is part of the divorce. You win on some issues, you lose on others. You cannot only WIN it all. I would like to remind you that the father also has a home to suit their kids. Why would mom would stay in the castle with the children and dad would be couching from a basement to another.

Don't forget that divorce happen and the results must be reflected on both parties without creating a significant prejudice to the other. The children has a right to spend quality time with both of their parents in a new location, no matter the outcomes.
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