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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Huh, thats weird. My partners ex had to pay him a portion of her pension and a portion of the house value. It was a lump sum so she got a second mortgage to pay him out. This is one of the big bones that has dragged the kids in too that mom is broke because he took her money. She has a house that keeps increasing in value because of the location and a pension that keeps growing. So while she is broke NOW, when she sells the house and retires she will be fine.
I suspect that rather than having her pension administrator split it off into a locked in RRSP for him, she made up the difference by getting a loan instead. So her pension is untouched but she had to go into further debt to accomplish it. Her choice.

I gave my ex other assets so I could keep my full pension.

It probably also depends on the employer, or the nature of the pension.
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