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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
I disagree. Don't stop asking for access. I sent a blitz e-mail weekly which included:

a) Request to use "" for more effective communication
b) Exchange Parenting Plans
c) Request to go over Separation Agreements
d) Request access and/or send a graduated access schedule leading to overnights and 50/50.
e) Always be reasonable and find ways to avoid court, which is the primary objective.

Remember to include an offer to settle at least once or twice/month.

Let her keep saying "No" in writing. Dont stop asking.

I made a color coded "Access Denial" calendar and the judge LOVED it. The last thing you want is any kind of acquiescence or to show you're accepting of this in any way. Never stop asking .. keep collecting documented denials....they'll come in handy later.
Thanks LF32,

The color coded "Access Denial" Calendar ; should I also show the historical denials or just from now on?
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