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He would never let his kid tell him what to do. He told her that she doesn't get to dictate to him. A statement he has to keep making it seems.

He decided against going. Its an 8+ hour round trip. He's not on good terms with his ex and she will more than likely be getting a letter from his lawyer next month on a separate divorce related issue that has to be sent. His ex uses whatever situation is happening as a way to play the victim. If he goes, it gives her more ammo for him to be a heartless monster and her to be the poor pitiful victim. With the way his relationship with his kids is going, he would prefer to not rock the boat but thats not the main reason why he decided to stay home.

He's making the right choice. Its been seven years, he saw this person three years ago, they empowered several family members to hurt my partner. The past is past, he's moved on. He can provide emotional support to his kids if they want it. He doesn't need to be there to do it.
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