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Children age 5. Have no concept of the implications of who,they want to live with. Of course you,child will say,they,want to live with you. At that age they want to please everyone. They want to live with Mommy,and Daddy in the same instance.

I doubt a judge would even consider that information.

Why,would you think that you moving in with your GF and her 2 children constitute a material change in circumstances. Now you have 3 other people to pay attention to as well as your children.

I do not think on the whole blended families are all happy happy environments. You moving into your GF home will impact how her children feel about sharing Mom and their home with 2 other children. It seems these arrangments are often doomed to failure.

So I doubt a judge would consider any of this as merit towards a change in circumstances.

I caution you to concentrate on your 2 children before trying to form this " big happy family" you are likely to end up with a failed second relationship and your children having to adjust to more losses in their life? It's tough to address questions from a 5 year about why they are no longer going to see your GF and her children. Children often associate failed relationships to them being at fault. You need to wait and secure your own children's security before embarking on another complicated arrangement.

But that's just my opinion.

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