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Default Coping tips?

Here is what has worked for me. Signing up at a gym and getting at least 20 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week. Followed by various workouts and then a some time in the steam room or sauna followed by a some time in the jacuzzi and sometimes swimming. Endorphins is the key here.

Aside that, lots of reading, trying new hobbies, furthering your education, making new friends (socializing), buying stuff online, taking courses for divorce, counselling, volunteering (preferably at our child's school), and avoiding negative thoughts or negative outcomes, keeping a positive outlook, and sticking firm to what you know is best for your child's well being and future.

Most important of it all, keep communications with your ex at a minimum and draw lines between their problems and yours.

Keep your head up and take the high road when your ex creates problems or tries to create problems and make things difficult for you or control you and don't feed into their controlling behaviour.

Know that they are your past, you're not married not in love anymore and forgive them and see them nothing more than a business partner (if there is children involved).

Know that there are tons and tons of people that will treat yo a billion times better than your ex did and make you billion times more happy. But you shouldn't need someone else to make you happy.

Focus on distraction and moving on but don't give up on any of your rights, exercise them.

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