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Get through your divorce before you jump into another relationship. Yes there are understanding, patient and loving women out there but it does wear them down. Plus, a new relationship will give an unreasonable ex more fuel for their bs. Exercise, socializing etc are all good. My partner wasnt allowed to do a lot of the stuff he enjoyed while married and Ive encouraged him to embrace these things. He likes outdoor activities and he finds peace doing things he loves.

All that said, you will still have stress, unhappiness, hurt and anger. It will wear you down. Try to remember in the grand scheme of your life, this is but a minor moment. You will survive. If necessary, speak to a medical professional and make sure your health is good. Heart attacks, strokes and other ailments do hit people with heavy stress. You may also make unhealthy choices like drinking, drugs, tobacco etc. try to remember the harm these have on your body. You want your kids to have their dad around
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