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Default EN ROUTE toward TRIAL

Hello ODF Community,

This is it, trial is scheduled for next January 2017.

I'm now self rep as I realized after hiring three lawyers, they were mostly working on her side than mine. Also, instead of following my instruction, they were taking there own causing me to spend more time on pending issues and billing me for nothing.

Now my question, we need to fill in and file a form call " Trial Scheduling Endorsement Form" before the end of this week. My STBX lawyer ask me to fill my part and provide with my list of witnesses and timelines and that he could file it at the Court. I'm the applicant, I should be the one to file in Court no?

It sounds to early for me to fill this form with my list of witnesses. Can I provide an accurate list later on? Can it be changed? What I understood, is that we provide that form only to reserve the space in January and that we could bring some changes at a later date.

Any advice on the process?

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