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Thanks again.

The plan of attack is to send mother a letter basically warning her to be reasonable and smarten up, give her a short time frame to do so than proceed to serving her. Its a pretty simple case. We just want access. Lawyers work on your direction and im not going to entertain getting into some back and forth pissing match. Besides, I doubt she can afford it and lacks the wherewithal to do it on her own. Simply put, shutting family out of the kids lives because she is bitter is just unacceptable.

Now as per the brother, the refusals have been like this, he contacts her about the children, makes arrangements to see them over holidays, drives 2+ days to only find out she has secreted the kids away. He has emails, texts, voice mail and many other family members and friends that he stays with when he has come to town. The most recent refusal was in the summer. He requested a couple weeks for them to come visit him. The refusal is in writing. Also she has blocked him and us from Facebook and I also think telephone number on the oldest iPhone. The younest does not have a phone I know of.

He spoke to the oldest briefly. Mom had the child call dad, as he only wants to discuss things with her in email, then snatched the phone away to bitch at him over some child support adjustment.

He wants a relationship with them. Has never missed support payments. He consented on the children moving out of province when they split as he wanted everyone to be happy. Signed agreement so he could have a continued relationship with the kids. She fails to honor it. Its not as simple as just going to the local court house due to distance. But that will be changing very shortly as everyone has had enough.

And yes she was stupid enough to openly put all of her alienation tactics and plans in writing, on voice mail etc. Kids don't need their dad anymore apparently. She has found a boyfriend, and that's their new daddy.

You should hear the things she says. The things the kids told me. Ugg. Sickening. And yes to me, in my opinion, most definitely emotional abuse.

So fingers crossed for these lovely children to get their lives back.

And Janus, if you at least have peace in your own heart and love for your children than that's all that matters.
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