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Originally Posted by Flora13 View Post
One judge's endorsement even referedvto it as emotional abuse. I wholeheartedly agree.
I've read many cases where judge calls it abuse, but then doesn't change the status quo. Be careful about cherry picking cases and becoming overly optimistic.

every time he has driven several thousand kilometers to see them as per his agreement she hides the children away from everyone. My brother in law has felt powerless. Its an unfortunate situation.
Did these denials happen verbally or in writing?

If it is in writing, then your brother might have a good case. If it is verbally, then he hasn't seen the kids in a long time and that won't look good.

In the meantime ibam have found an attorney that will help both us and brother in law.
Be careful, lawyers don't help.

Make sure the lawyer doesn't just send letters flying around at $400/hour. I would say maybe one warning letter, and then straight to court. At the very least, straight to serving the mother to start the court process, that often resolves the issue right there. Lawyer letters don't do much.

If the lawyer hasn't acted within a month, then you have wasted your money.

Ironically today is international day of peace so I hope everyone takes a pause from litigation and is kind to each other today.
This is family law, there is no peace or kindness
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