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Again, thank you to all who replied.

I did spend the afternoon searching on canlii as suggested and found a couple of cases where extended family did pursue legal action to obtain time withvthe children. One was relating to a joint application with the uncle and the grandmother. But more importantly I found a wealth of information regarding the position my brother in law is facing and how unfavorable the courts see this type of behavior and antics. One judge's endorsement even referedvto it as emotional abuse. I wholeheartedly agree.

I have given my brother in law links to this website and the canlii website. I have offered assistance in any way I can for him to facilitate time with his children. He has not spent time with them in several years. Not for lack of trying either. He lives in a different province and every time he has driven several thousand kilometers to see them as per his agreement she hides the children away from everyone. My brother in law has felt powerless. Its an unfortunate situation.

Anyways, I hope what I have shared with him helps and he finds it within himself to follow through.

In the meantime ibam have found an attorney that will help both us and brother in law. I have an appointment on Monday. He plans to follow up regarding the letter we received. So fingers crossed this mother realizes that children need love from everyone around them and that they are not possessions.

Again, I am always open to suggestions, advice or just support and hope I can pay it forward to others.

Ironically today is international day of peace so I hope everyone takes a pause from litigation and is kind to each other today.

Thanks again,

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