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Thanks for your reply and advice Janus. Even if it is disheartening.

At this point even a 4 hour visit would be welcomed and a huge victory. There is no possibly of reasoning with the mom unfortunately. She is not a reasonable person.I sent the oldest a text message wishing her well in the new school year and lots of love, the mom then relentlessly called us and left quite a nasty hate filled voicemail. Says she is calling the police, her lawyer etc. Then she followed it up by a letter from a lawyer. This is also the type of drama and conflict those kids deal with on a regular basis. The conflict, alienation and her involving them in matters no child should endure is ruining them emotionally and the stress is causing somatic symptoms as well.

That was the falling apart of us being able to spend time with them as I indicated to her the children told me it was all too much. And I refused to participate in her alienation campaign. I thought I had approched her as non confrontational as a person could because I know it only gets worse for the kids as she takes it upon herself to involve them. Vicious circle. It makes me just sick to no end as the children loved time with us, slept over, did healthy child friendly things, no negatively about either parent ever, etc.our home was a safe haven from their usual insanity as they told me this. I am bewildered how it went from them spending a weekend with us, having fun, then trying to make plans with me for the next weekend, tonnes of hugs and kisses goodbye then the mom calling 10 minutes after dropping them home with her saying that they hate us.

Yes, their dad truly needs to pursue some changes to their current situation.But again, any attempt he makes just seems to make it that much more difficult for the kids. Its like they are punished for loving anyone else in their lives. Yes, its that bad.

Anyways, sorry for the long vent. I don't know how any of you can go through this with their own children. Heartbreaking and I hope that laws change for the better.

I am still open to all advice or recommendations that anyone can give. Perhaps there is hope.


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