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Default Greetings!

Hello folks,

New to this site although I have looked around for the past couple of days while my account was validated. I am not divorced myself but I am seeking help and guidance in gaing access and time with my neice and nephew who's mother has taken upon herself to unilaterally alienate my husband and myself as well asvall extented family from the children. This obviously includes their father as well but that is a whole different situation than I am currently having to sort through.

There is obviously alot I would love to discuss and hopefully gain insight and advice on, there is alot more to the story to divulge but dont know wherevto begin or what category to post thisbin.

So I will start here. My question is do aunts and uncles have any rights? Or more importantly do children have the right to a relationship with extended family? Legally speaking.

We have been essentially blocked from a previously loving relationship. There is a huge issue with alienation of the father and everyone else is collateral damage it seems. Mother has issues.

We miss these children tremendously. Any advice? Anyone else in a similar situation? Before I retain an attorney perhaps someone could shed some light.


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