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Default No compromise

Today happens to be a religious holiday for me and my court order specifies for these holidays that I am to have the kids after 4pm. My ex-wife decided that she wants them after 4 since she started working (yay) and doesnt want to take time off.

For the past 2 days, i threatened to call the police , file contempt charges against her and i followed up letting her now i did call the police and they told me they would probably help to execute the judgement.

Yesterday, i was discussing with somebody that I was going to call the police to get my kids today and they told me not to do it because of the stress on the kids etc.... I told them that if declined to engage in conflict due to that reason I wouldnt have my kids at all and I emphasized that once I show her my resolve she won't continually test me.

This wasn't the first time this happened and in the last occasion I did call the police and got my kids out (who were fine actually).

The lesson for all of you fathers is DO NOT COMPROMISE time with the kids in order to preserve the peace. Keep up the pressure until they crack and follow through with your threats if they do not. Victory is yours but you must take it.

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