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It directly states in our temporary minutes of settlement the address of which the child shall sleep at while residing with each party. A judge didn't order it, it was prepared by the ex's duty counsel while I had no counsel. It was then signed off by a judge. I was just about to post in a tread on this site about mistakes made while representing yourself about this.

I don't want to breech this court order and have stuck it out, the ex on the other hand does what she wants, including lying to the court about her address as she didn't even get any rooms in the house she said she was living in until about a month later and abandoning our child in a home where she was attacked by a dog so she could visit a intimate partner in another province.

I hope this will show the courts that I am willing to follow a court order and my ex is not by sticking it out. We manage to get by from having all our sleepovers at our home, even though D5 is upset we can't have sleepovers when with me and only can with mom.
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