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Originally Posted by SteelCityDad View Post
Also to make sure she could not flee with our child her lawyer put in the our child must reside at a certain address with residing with her and my address residing with me. (kind of a big mistake as now our daughter is not allowed to sleep at our family cottage which is my secondary address and our daughter has her own room there and spent a lot of time during thee summer there).
Originally Posted by SteelCityDad View Post
Yes, that would probably get eating up pretty quick. I have made two requests to the ex's lawyer about having our current court order amended to allow our daughter to sleep over at the family cottage, however they all seem to be ignored and never got a response. The cottage is only 45mins away so we do get to go there, but have had to drive home before night then drive back the next day. Now that it is getting dark earlier it would really limit our time there.
I find it hard to believe that having the child reside at a specific address (or two in your case) precludes that child ever going overnight anywhere else.

Do you propose for the child to NEVER have a sleepover at a friend's house? Can you or your ex NEVER take the child on a holiday to another town? Can you or your ex NEVER take the child for a weekend at Gramma's house?

Yes, your agreement restricts you from ever moving to a new house, even across the street, but as long as you don't do that, I can't see your agreement preventing you from doing ordinary family activities that require an occasional overnight elsewhere.

Not being able to change the child's residential address is one thing, but the child not being able to EVER sleep somewhere else now and then is ridiculous. I'm sure whatever judge ordered that did not intend it to be interpreted this way. Even if he judged your ex a risk to abduct the child and thought her overnights should be restricted, did he make a similar finding about you? Probably not.

If you don't get a response to your requests for overnights elsewhere, I'd say you could probably just go, and say that as you received no objections, you figured it was okay, as it's a perfectly reasonable thing to do.
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