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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
Make sure eventually income is imputed according to the text messages. I don't like that the judge discounted both your testimony and the text messages. The only saving grace is that it was an interim judgement and essentially unappealable....

The judgement now I imagine is an interim judgement but there will still be a final judgement.
Yes interim, not sure when a final would be made, maybe in the seperation agreement, or maybe when all proper paperwork is filed, or we both consent. Sometime next year when I can afford a lawyer to clean the situation up and help me along and I have her financials things will hopefully work out. Lawyers costs scare the heck out of me, I would hate to see what a long trial would cost in supreme court.

Edit: would it be ok to go back later if she does not file financials and ask for the amount she texted me? The judge already smirked at me in disbelief when those were mentioned to him and stated how he finds it hard to believe.

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