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Originally Posted by undersc0re View Post
I have nothing formal, the personal service of the application was her folding her arms and saying i am not taking that, then it was dropped at her feet. She hides and avoids. So I guess I will just tell him in a short form of what I want, and let him ask questions...take it from there. He might be curious why I waited 3 years, but thanks for the tips and we'll see how it goes tomorrow. My biggest concern was if I got the order for support and that it was not detailed in a way that family maintenance could enforce it, but I will say that in my openning statement when he asks what I want so he knows It will end up having to be forced out of her, but I am sure he will realize that when she is a no show or if he asks to look at the texts and will see that she is outright refusing support when I ask.
Who's he and who's she? Which is the judge and which is the other parent? Regardless of the gender, if the other parent is not working or you have no proof of him working whatsoever, how do you know that his income meets the threshold for minimum child support? How do you know he/she is not on welfare or disability ? He likely needs to respond and attend the MIP program before the matter proceeds. If you serve him and he never responds then you could likely obtain interim custody and no access to him if he/she doesn't want to see the kids. You will require evidence of him working in order to obtain child support. If he/she has any job of any kind you could find out his expected salary - a private investigator might be a wise investment for you.
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